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Every year thousands of people just like you, set foot in Eastern Anatolia to Climb Mount Ararat , Turkey's highest peak.

Mount Ararat is located in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, near to border with Iran and Armenia.

Ararat is a place of myths and folklore. According to the Bible account to the Book of Genesis, Noah's Ark came to rest on the Mount Ararat after the great flood. In Armenian mythology Ararat is the home of Gods, much like Mount Olympus is in Greek mythology. 

First recorded ascent to the summit of Mount Ararat took place in 1829. Dr. Friedrich Parrot was the first explorer, who reached the summit in modern times.

Climbing Ararat does not require any technical skills or special equipment. Sometimes only cramons are required. Because of it not only experienced mountaineers, but also amateurs who do not have any experience in climbing, can explore slopes of Mount Ararat. 

We are a company offering high quality Ararat tours, guides and services at a reasonable cost. That is why hundreds of people climb with us annually, and why past clients refer us to their friends and families. Hundreds of people have stood on the summit of Mount Ararat with our guides.

Won't you join us on the top of Anatolia?

But, if you dream of trekking on Mount Nemrut, Mount Suphan or through Kackar Mountains, if you dream about visiting historical places in Eastern Turkey, we are also here to help you live that dreams.

If you choose one of our trekking, ski or cultural tours, we guarantee you the experience of a lifetime!

 We invite you to check our website, which give you accurate information about climbing Mount Ararat and other mountains in Easten Turkey.

We are Ararat Sunrises  - your Ararat climb speacialist!!!

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Ararat Quick Facts

  • Elevation : 5137 meters
  • Location : Eastern Anatolia near to border with Iran and Armenia
  • Type : Stratovolcano
  • Nearby cities : Dogubayaziit, Igdir
  • Nearby airport : Agri Airport 


Turkey Quick Facts

  • Population : 80 Million
  • Area : 783,562 km2
  • Capital : Ankara
  • Largest City : Istanbul
  • Language : Turkish
  • Religions : Islam, Christianity
  • Currency : Turkish Lira (TRY)

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5 Days Ski Tour Ararat
14 April - 2015          

Nemrut, Suphan, Ararat Tours
17 July -2015  

5 Days Trekking Tour
2 Aug - 2015 

7 Days Trekking Tour
7 Aug - 2015 


When to come ?

when to come araratTurkey has 7 distinct climatic regions. The further east you travel, the more pronounced climatic extremes become.


How many days?

How many days Mount Ararat is known as a 'walk-up mountain' and ascent to the summit needs no technical climbing skills, only good stamina.


Our Staff

Our StaffCompetent and experienced guides are one of the determinants when we talk about successful climbing Mount Ararat


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